Cat backpack review

In this article I list out the pros and cons of a $40 cat backpack vs a $150 one. We bought both of these on our own and are not sponsored by either company. 

When we first decided to take Big Chungus on adventures in a cat backpack, we did not want to buy her a $150 backpack and then find out that she hated being in it. We did some research, the PetAmi had great ratings, and it was under $50.



Once we realized that Big Chungus enjoyed being in the cat backpack, we decided to look for one that would be more comfortable during longer hikes. After some research, we came across this option. We keep this one in the van. We did end up taking off the hip straps that it came with, and replacing it with sturdier ones from one of our hiking backpacks. 


  • More room than the PetAmi
  • Pocket for water bladder
  • Hip straps can be taken on or off
  • Flattens well for storage
  • Can be used horizontally as a carrier + comes with additional strap
  • More organizational pockets
  • The entire front view is mesh so cats get a great outdoor view
  • Zippers buckle together for a cat proof design
  • Bungee clips can attach to cats harness 
  • Fits under Southwest Airlines seat storage in cabin 


  • Expensive 
  • The hip straps that it comes with are not comfortable
  • If you are tall, the hip strap location will be at your belly button or higher
  • Does not fit requirements for all airline cabin items

So... Which one do we like better?

If our main goal was to take her on short walks around the neighborhood, to a restaurant, or outdoor facility, we would have stuck with the PetAmi.

We do really like the TravelCat for the longer hikes. It is definitely more comfortable for endeavors that extend beyond 30 minutes. We found that Big Chungus enjoyed both of them, but she has a better view of the outdoors in the TravelCat since the entire front of it is mesh. If the TravelCat would have come with better hip straps, then it would be an overall homerun.

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