Must-have items for vanlife

We will continue updating this post as there are many items that we have found to be very helpful while living in a tiny space!

Click here for Magnetic Hooks

We have these all over the van and they are super strong! In the winter, we even hang our snow gear on them to dry out. 

Click here for Mesh Pockets

These have Velcro on the back and stick very well to the backs of the seats! For any other material, we used this adhesive Velcro to attach them.

Click here for Grip Mats

These are critical to avoiding plates rattling and falling out. We put them between every kitchen item, and they keep everything in place!

Click here for Towels

We each have a size Large. They are great space savers, and dry out very fast. 

Click here for Electric Screwdriver

This isn’t the exact brand that we have (ours must be discontinued). It does everything we need it to for fixing items around the van and is smaller than my hand!

Adding more soon 🙂

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