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How she got her name...

Prior to Big Chungus being named what she is today, when we picked her up three years ago we had decided on the name Peaches. She was Peaches for a while until Logan and I left for our honeymoon and had one of our family members take care of her while she was gone. I left her food scoop, a 1/4 measuring cup, along with the instructions “feed her 3/4 cup every morning and night”. Well, I had actually meant to say “feed her 3/4 scoop every morning and night”. My misuse of words turned into her getting a massive amount of food each morning and night, in which she absolutely loved and ate nearly all of it. When we got home, little Peaches was no longer little anymore. Logan started calling her Big Chungus (based off the meme) and for some reason the new name stuck. Even though she is back to her normal weight, she will now forever be Big Chungus.


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