First week in the van New


After a month of gradually moving our belongings into the van, we were finally fully moved in and off on the road! Our first destination was near Fort Collins, to celebrate the wedding of our good friends. Since the weather was going to be above 90, we decided to stay in the mountains for our first night. 


We were honestly really worried about how Big Chungus would adjust to living in the van. She hated car rides (probably because they were always to go to the vet), so we were prepared to have a long day ahead of us. Ever since we bought the van, we started taking her out to spend time in it with us, letting her adjust and learn the space. I think this helped quite a bit, because after a little bit of pacing and meowing, she slept about 90% of the drive. Once we got to our spot for the night she plopped on the passenger seat, and hung out with us while we made dinner. Overall, we considered the first day and night a huge success, she had accepted her new life as a van cat. 


We stayed in Windsor for the wedding and we really liked the town. Our time here involved brewery hopping, wedding festivities, breakfast in random parking lots, and fixing electrical connections. For sleeping at night we were able to park on a quiet side street one night, and then a hotel lot for the next two nights.


We were able to catch up with some good friends and log some hiking miles. We stayed in the city the whole time so a couple nights were spent on a quiet side street, and another at our friends neighborhood. Our plans changed so we were only here about 3 days, went back to Nebraska for about a week, and then off to South Dakota!