We use this automatic feeder for her food that runs on batteries. We have used this for over a year in our old apartment, so it was easy to transition it to the van. It is programmed to feed her 4 times a day. She has gotten pretty good at figuring out how to open it, hence the blue tape 🙂


She is a bit boujee when it comes to drinking water, and will only use a running water fountain. We were able to find one that is small enough to fit in a cubby space and we just put a mat underneath it to catch any spills. We try to remember to turn it off when we drive, otherwise it gets everywhere. It does require a plug in, so our inverter has to be turned on in order to keep it running. 

Litter Box

Her litter box area was specifically designed to fit a size of box that she previously used. She doesn’t seem to mind the area and we clean the box every morning.