Our Van Build



This is the daytime set up. The fridge is below on a slide out, and above that is a compartment for the window shades. The piece of mattress that BC is laying on is what we use to extend the bed. 


To sleep lengthwise on the bed, we had to cut the mattress. Otherwise the bed area would have taken up valuable space. At night, this section sits on the countertop just like this and has hooks to keep it in place.

R side kitchen

Kitchen area with lots of storage. The left side drawer pulls out for laundry and trash (see pic below) and the three drawers on the right hold utensils, personal items, and dry food. 


Dry food storage. 


Trash and two laundry bins. They hold about a weeks worth of dirty clothes. 


Closet area which is on the right side of the bed. 

Lside kitchen

Sink, stove, spices, and the last three plants I haven’t killed yet. 


Storage for plates, bowls, mugs, pots and pans. 


This area is underneath the stove. The wooden box is a sealed area for the propane tank that we access from the outside sliding door. Otherwise this area is a partial medicine cabinet with a propane alarm hanging out of it (probably should find a better spot for that). 


Area underneath the sink. The blue box on the left side is the propane heater, and the vents are the brown tubes. The grey water comes directly from the sink and the rest is random storage. 


Every space must have a purpose, so this small area turned into more storage. 


Better look at more of the alarms. We have a smoke alarm (top of pic), temperature control station (haven’t actually used it yet because it needs batteries), a SimpliSafe system, and a carbon monoxide detector. Our thermostat for the heater is also on that little section of wall. 


Bathroom which also doubles as BC’s favorite spot to sit. 


Composting toilet. 


Work area. Our front two seats swivel to face the main area, and we have two swivel tables that we can set up for working. 


This is what our setup usually looks like. We don’t have both tables out unless we’re posted up somewhere for a while. 



The garage aka a giant puzzle of where to put stuff. We were about to fill the water tank when I took this picture. 

side door

This is our side door set up if we’re hanging out somewhere. The clips and blocks are used to keep Big Chungus in the van. The blue hose is the outdoor shower and there is a small door for access to the propane tank.


Part of the garage. Telescoping ladder on the left. Behind the bins is the fridge. 


Left side of the garage behind the ladder. Yoga matts in the net, and all of the electrical below. We have both batteries in that wooden box, but we only use one now because one died. 


Right side of the garage. Top shelf is summer storage and then in winter that is where the snowboards stuff will go. The middle shelf is a side out with four storage bins. The bottom part with the white door is where the 30 gallon water tank is held and insulated. 

That’s about it! As of now we haven’t thought of any big changes that need to be made. When winter rolls around we’ll change out all our summer gear for our board equipment!