Southern California new

Quick update of where we went in between Wyoming and Southern California. We spent a couple of days in Omaha, drove to Las Vegas for a wedding, spent a week in Pheonix, and ended it with a weekend in Prescott, AZ.

Barajas Wedding

Met our nephew!!

Prescott, AZ

Moved Hannah into college

La Jolla

La Jolla was the perfect introduction to being vanlife beach bums. There are sooo many little beaches along the coast. We would’ve spent our days at more of them, but the cute little ones didn’t have more than one bar of service.

Here’s an idea of what a day looked like here:

  • leave from parking spot about 6 am
  • head to La Jolla Shores Beach
  • park at the beach for the day (work, beach walks)
  • go find a quieter beach to park at to make dinner
  • hang out at the quieter beach till dark
  • go find a new spot to park for the night

We spent three nights in the La Jolla area, and on the third day, we drove on over to Oceanside.


Harbor Beach was our go-to spot of our time here. This beach was a lot less crowded than La Jolla Shores, so we spent our whole day here instead of going somewhere else for dinner. Our parking spot for the night was a nearby side street, and there was a dump station in town so it was a nice setup overall.

Laguna Beach

Okay so we actually only spent one night here and it was more of a pass-through. We walked around the morning before we left and it was a cute little area!

Redondo Beach & Hermosa Beach

The first town I actually have food and drink recommendations for in CA! We hadn’t gone to any restaurants, bars or coffee shops up to this point, but the wait was well worth it. These were all recommended to us by our good friends whom we got to hang out with for the weekend!

Pismo Beach

After leaving Redondo we had no plan except to make our journey up the coast via Highway 1. As we drove along the highway, our two requirements for a beach were that it had beachfront parking and good cell service. Rincon Parkway ended up checking both items off our list! The parking was free (we didn’t park in the campsite area that is nearby), right on the beach, and it felt more secluded than the other beaches we had been to. We hung out here for two days and then decided it was time to move on.

The next beach we stumbled upon was Pismo Beach. It was a nice beach for the day; there’s a section of the beach that you can directly park on, but we opted against that for fear of getting stuck in the sand. We did more exploring of the area later in the day and found some cool little caves, giant white cliffs, and a whole lot of birds.