Wyoming new


We did a one-day drive through this National Park. To avoid the crowds, we got into the park by 6 am. Since we were so early, the main geysers still had a lot of steam on them, but it was still well worth it to us because we had no wait time to find any parking. Here’s a photo dump of everything we saw!


We spent one night here and hiked Josie’s Ridge Trail. No plans were made to do any activities here, it was more of a pass-through. 

The morning before the hike we heard some scratching in the door. I didn’t think anything of it but BC immediately went to the door to check it out. She had a toy mouse over there, so I figured she wanted to play with that and I opened the door to get it for her. As soon as I opened the door a real mouse ran into the van!! She immediately got it and I was so surprised I wasn’t sure if it was even real. Sure enough, it was!! We immediately took her (and the mouse who she still had a grip on) outside, and said goodbye to the poor mouse. Needless to say, Big Chungus was very proud of herself. 


Between Jackson Hole and Idaho Falls, we found a dried-up reservoir to camp at. This ended up being one of our favorite stays! We were the only people on this side of the “lake”, it was free, and the weather was just what we needed.


On our way to Colorado, we took a route that would specifically pass through Laramie, WY. Our only reason for taking this route was so that we could go to Born in a Barn, and get their wings again lol. In 2018 I got the “Peanut Butter and Jelly” wings from this restaurant, and have not been able to find a restaurant that can top them. I’ve also pretty much been craving them for the past three years. The wait was well worth it and they are still soooo good. 

We had a solar panel malfunction the next morning, so the day was spent re-wiring connections at a nice little park in town. Once everything was working again we started the drive back to Colorado, stopped in Omaha for a bit, and then headed straight to Vegas!